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Kunming-Yunnan Province

Kunming is the capital city of the province of Yunnan. Yunnan is a beautiful,mysterious and abundent land where almost all types of climate from HainanIsland to Heilongjiang are concentrated,it occupies morden snow mountain and glacier at the very south end of china,the deepest gorge in teh world,the stone Forest Know as the first spectacle below the heaven,the only remained tropical primitive forest at the same degree of latitude,pretty plateau lakes,noted rare birds and animals,various kind of flowers,agnificent volcano and land heat,rich warm mineral spring resourse as well as numerous fossil sites of ancient creature.
In the bosom of mountains,there live 26 nationalites in Yunnan,each of them has his own language and forklore,Here People show a rich-colour ethnic album by their unique history and culture,local customs and traditional festivals. Yunnan was also one of the mankind's cradle,each phase of prehistoric culture had remains here,numerous famous temple.historical and cultural cities are the witnesses of long history and splendid culture in Yunnan.

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